01 Oct

Chatham Islands – A Perfect Place To Enjoy Life »

Maybe is the first time when you hear about the Chatham Islands. Well, you should be worried because these islands are not very well known around the world.

01 Sep

Discover Chatham Islands As A Tourist »

Today we would like to present you an exotic destination that could represent your next destination for your holidays.

29 Mar

Hunting and Fishing the Chatham Islands »

If you’re going to pack your bags and head off into the wilderness for a vacation that not only lets you explore an exotic island, but also really and truly takes you away from the out

20 Mar

Preserving the Delicate Ecology of the Chatham Islands »

It seems like the Chatham Islands, long a few half-forgotten little strips of land a few hundred miles off the New Zealand coast, are gaining in popularity.

09 Mar

What We Can Learn About Conservation from the Chatham Islands »

Environmentalism is a big buzzword nowadays.

01 Mar

Things to Do Near Chatham Islands »

There are many experiences to be had on The Chatham Islands and a lot of history to discover.

28 Feb

The Chathams – One of the Last True Getaways »

Our Shrinking World

I don’t have to tell you that the world is shrinking.

23 Feb

Top 5 Places To Eat, Choose Your Favourite! »

Because everyone loves good food! In Chatham Islands you’ll be spoilt for choice.  According to Trip Advisor, these are your winners.

18 Feb

THE TOP 5 Places To Stay – Choose Your Favourite! »

1.     Hotel Chatham
Hotel Chatham offers a choice of accommodation which means there’s something for every budget.

12 Feb

How the Chathams Came to Be »

A Long History
What’s most interesting about the Chatham Islands is perhaps not how old their population is–they were settled relatively recently in human history, and much of th