01 Oct

Maybe is the first time when you hear about the Chatham Islands. Well, you should be worried because these islands are not very well known around the world. Due to this reason today we will try to introduce a little into the atmosphere of the Chatham Islands.


Should I be a tourist or a resident on the Chatham Islands?

The Chatham Islands are belonging to the New Zealand administrative territory. When you hear about New Zealand, maybe you are thinking about words as “exotic” or “wild”. These words could be assigned for New Zealand, but these words attract most of the tourists.

The Chatham Islands are in the same situation. These islands are attracting tourists mostly due to their landscape and wildlife. But there is more to discover in the Chatham Islands. As a tourist you may discover only the first layer of these islands. You may discover part of islands’ history and culture, you may learn about their geography and wildlife. But for sure you will remain only with the enrichment of your general knowledge. In order to feel the life and the culture of local people, you should become part of their communities. As a resident of the Chatham Islands you will have many reasons for satisfaction.


Why to choose to live on the Chatham Islands?

Maybe you are wondering why you should choose to move and live into the Chatham Islands. It is a good question. First of all, the Chatham Islands are providing you the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful life far away from stressful overcrowded cities. Secondly, you may enjoy a breathtaking landscape in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, having a mild climate also during autumn and winter seasons. During the summer seasons, you will enjoy great sunny and warm days. If you are worried about your child’s future on the Chatham Islands, you should know that here your children will receive the best learning programmes in New Zealand. There are also many recreational amenities that you may enjoy as a resident of the Chatham Islands, such as sport clubs and public holidays.


Working and doing business on the Chatham Islands

As regarding job opportunities on the Chatham Islands, we may inform you that you will find the right place for your skills. Local economy is mainly based on tourism, farming, fishing and agriculture. The largest employers are belonging to the fishing industry. Other large employers are dealing with the farming industry. Tourism is becoming the most important economic domain and it is generating new job opportunities. Due to their location the inhabitants of the Chatham Islands had to develop their entrepreneurial sense. If you are interested in doing business on the Chatham Islands, maybe tourism is a good option. In this way you may have your own business and you may involve all your family.


Maybe you were expecting that living on the Chatham Islands to be boring and without resources for your family comfort. We are sure that you are pleasantly surprised and we hope that soon, you will be part of the community of the Chatham Islands.

You know when you feel so passionate about something that you just can’t stop talking about it? You visit somewhere once and fall in love with it forever; I know countless people do it with New York or Paris… but what about somewhere a bit more off the beaten track?

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