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Today we would like to present you an exotic destination that could represent your next destination for your holidays. It could be the most interesting place where you have been in your holiday.


About Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands are situated in the Pacific Ocean, to the southwest of New Zealand. In fact, this archipelago is part of the administrative territory of New Zealand. Chatham Islands include ten islands and the biggest islands are Pitt Island and Chatham Island. The Chatham Islands are covering almost 1,000 square kilometers. The landscape of the Chatham Islands is mostly described as hilly. The shoreline presents many beaches, dunes, but also lagoons. There are many lakes that are situated on these islands. The most important includes Lake Huro, Lake Kaimoumi, Lake Koomutu, Lake Matangirau and Lake Kairae. The highest point is the Maungatere Hill, with 965 feet.


Due to its location, the archipelago of Chatham Islands benefit from a humid and cold climate, included in the temperate zone. What you should know is that only the biggest islands are inhabited. The other islands are considered as reservations and due to this there are restrictions regarding human activities. The most important economic areas include agriculture and tourism. The population in 2013 reached the number of 600 inhabitants and most of them are Moriori, a subgroup of the Maori population.


Visiting Chatham Islands

For sure that many times when you have planned a holiday you have looked for an exotic destination. Chatham Islands may represent such a destination for your vacation. As a tourist you should know that there are many attractions and interesting features that you may enjoy here. In order to arrive into the Chatham Islands you should use flights to New Zealand in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, from where you can pick a local flight to the Chatham Islands. You should know that water transport is also an option to arrive at the Chatham Islands. If you are wondering where to stay in Chatham Islands, you should know that here you will find a large variety of accommodation spaces, for all the tastes and pockets. But it is very important to book your accommodation before you arrive to the islands, in order to avoid any inconvenience. You may choose to stay at a hotel, lodge, farm or guest houses.


What to do and see in the Chatham Islands?

Despite the fact that Chatham Islands are small, these islands are providing a large variety of attractions for tourists. You may combine meeting the local history with discovering of the islands’ landscape. There are many walking opportunities to discover the cliffs, beaches or geology. These walking routes will drive you into historic sites that will tell you stories about the first settlers, naming here the pre-Maori population. Flora and fauna will attract you due to its uniqueness. Due to a limitation into the human actions on the islands, there are many landscapes that are untouched by humans. You may see great birds, seal colonies and other species and most of them represents endemic species.


We hope that reading this introduction, you will find enough reasons to visit Chatham Islands. It will be the adventure of your life.

You know when you feel so passionate about something that you just can’t stop talking about it? You visit somewhere once and fall in love with it forever; I know countless people do it with New York or Paris… but what about somewhere a bit more off the beaten track?

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